How To Play Roulette Online

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games going, and it still holds a hugely popular place in the casino world. Online roulette is virtually no different than land-based roulette. You can play on your own, on the go, or with other players via a live dealer version of the game. In this piece, we’ll break down roulette so you can quickly learn how it works in ” How To Play Roulette Online ” guide.

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Placing a bet

Roulette consists of two features, there is the wheel, and the betting board. Players must place their chips on the betting board, in or in-between squares where they wish to place their bet. The board is filled with numbers, so make sure your bet is on exactly the right number (or type of bet) you wish to place.


Everybody knows how roulette works. A ball is dropped into a wheel by the croupier, and if it lands in a favourable pocket, you will win your bet. But, what happens if the ball lands in a zero?

Three are three types of roulette games, and these have different rules regarding the zero. American Roulette features two zero spots (0 and 00). If the ball lands in either, you lose your bet. European Roulette has just one (0) and if the ball lands in it you lose your bet. French Roulette also has one (0), but it may be possible for you to claim some or your bet bet, or have it carried onto your next bet with the La Partage, and La Prison rules which exist in that game.

French Roulette also has a number of other roulette bets you can place, which don’t exist in American or European roulette. This is a speciality roulette game, though, so we’ll leave that where it is, and focus on the standard inside and outside bets which appear in all major roulette games.

Inside bets

Inside bets are less likely to occur, but pay better than outside bets. These include the Straight Up bet (betting on a specific number), Split bet (betting on two numbers), Street bet (betting on three numbers), Corner bet (betting on four numbers), and Six-Line bet (betting on six numbers). American Roulette players can also be on Five-Number bets (based on the zeroes in the game). When betting on multiple numbers, you must place your chip on the lines between those numbers on the betting board.

Outside bets

Outside bets are far more likely to occur, but as a result they pay much less. Most roulette players begin with outside bets. These include colour betting (on all reds or blacks), on all odd or even numbered pockets, on columns (12 numbered column bets on the betting board), dozens (first 12, second 12, or final 12), or high or low bets (1-18, and 19-36).


As we have said outside bets pay the least in roulette. Players will typically land wins of just 1:1 for any colour bets, odd bets, even bets, or high and low bets. This rises to 2:1 for column or dozen bets. Due to their lessened probability of occurring, inside bets cough up better sums of cash. Players can bag wins of 5:1 for Six-Line bets, 8:1 for Corner bets, and 11:1 for Street bets. Split bets cough up 17:1. The best win in roulette is by available when you land a Straight Up bet. It promises a 35:1 pay-out.

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