Play Paigow Poker Online

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How To Play PaiGow Poker Online

play paigow poker online

PaiGow poker is a game which is based on the Ancient Chinese game of PaiGow. Plenty of PaiGow poker games end in pushes, so you don’t exactly have a big risk of losing your money. The game itself was invited in 1985 in California. Sam Torosian’s card game was a success, though he never made much money from it. Today, PaiGow poker is offered in most top online casinos and well as land-based venues.

Setting up your bet

The game is played with a 53-card deck, which means that a joker has been included into the pack. We’ll discuss the joker in a moment, but first, let’s set up our bet. You must place your bet into the Ante betting circle before you, to start playing. The dealer will then hand out 7 cards, to both himself and the player.

The Joker

The Joker is a wild card, of sorts. It can be used as an ace, or to complete a Straight, a Flush, a Straight Flush or a Royal Flush. It cannot be used as a wild for any other hands. Now that we’ve got that cleared up, it’s back to the game.

Playing PaiGow poker

The player must split their cards into a 5-card hand, and a 2-card hand. The trick is, the 5-card hand must be of greater value than the 2-card hand. With the hands set, the dealer will then reveal his own two hands. The two hands are then compared. All of the standard poker hands are used in PaiGow poker (although obviously, the 2-card hand will never exceed a pair).

This means that your 5-card hand could be worth a Pair (when two cards are of the same value), Two Pair (a player has two sets of pairs), Three of a Kind (which means having three cards of the same value), Straight (having all cards in sequence), Flush (having all cards in the same suit), Full House (having three cards of one value, and a pair), Four of a Kind (having four cards of the same value), Straight Flush (which is when all cards are in sequence and the same suit) or Royal Flush (having a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace in the same suit).

How to win pay-outs

If the player has won both hands (the 5-card and 2-card hands), then they will pocket even money (1:1) on their win. They must pay a small 5% commission on those winnings, though. If the player wins one hand and loses another, the bet is push, and bets are returned. If the player loses both hands, or ties both hands, then player loses.

Because of the way that the pay-outs work, PaiGow poker has a pretty low pay-rate. It will take you a while to accumulate winnings. On the plus side, you aren’t likely to lose your bets too often either, with most games ending in a push.

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